Liepyno namai – inspired living!

The nine–storey apartment house “Liepyno namai” is being built in the centre of Vilnius, in the exclusive part of the city called Žvėrynas. This new residential project will be a perfect choice for those who value the exceptional location of Žvėrynas and seek to live in the centre of the city. “Liepyno namai” is a perfect location for people who enjoy being a part of various events and who take the advantages of the city such as convenient access, well-developed infrastructure, leisure activities and green areas.

The building was designed by an architect Remigijus Bimba. “Liepyno namai” perfectly fits in the surrounding environment. Architect also designed 86 apartments for the convenience of the residents as well as 4 commercial premises on the ground floor. The facade of the building will be covered with exclusive clinker tiles.

There will be an underground 68 places parking lot and additional 18 parking places for the residents next to the house. Larders will be constructed in the basement for the convenience of the residents. There will be children playground in the courtyard and a cozy park nearby. Territory around the house will be planted.

Spacious and convenient apartments designed:

Preliminary construction start date: 2012 III quarter
Preliminary construction end date: 2014 II quarter